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Canadian Moose hunt
     High Canadian mountain meadows, pine ridges, willow flats, and many river bottoms, make our area excellent for guided moose hunting.  The diversity of habitat allows us to provide top quality moose hunting starting in mid August right to the end of October.
     If you are on a guided Canadian hunt in August and early September, time will be spent watching the many natural mineral licks as well as glassing mountain valleys for summering bull moose.  At this time of year bull moose frequent these spots on a regular basis and are quit easy to pattern.trophy guided moose hunts in britich columbia canada
    Frosty mornings in mid September start the moose rut.  Bull moose strip their velvet and start wondering looking for the first receptive cows.  Valley bottoms, lakes and willow flats start to produce the kind of
British Columbia hunting opportunities everyone needs to experience.  Misty morning and the low grunt of a Bull Moose will make any hunter enjoy this hunt.
      Lots of receptive cows and consistently colder weather, brings the rut into full swing in October.  Large bulls are busy protecting their cows and are ready to fight.  Guides will use an old shoulder blade and a few well timed grunts to bring that monster moose literally into your lap.
     Things start too wined down near the end of October but the good moose hunting is not over yet.  Bulls start to bunch up and concentrate on feeding to prepare for the long winter.  This is when it is an awesome opportunity to sneak along the common moose spots tracking and stalking large Bull Moose.  This is a great hunt to combo with your search of a trophy Canadian whitetail or Mule deer.

 Trophy Quality
       canadian moose huntThe outfitted moose hunts that we offer are for trophy Canadian Moose.  Our goal as outfitters is to harvest bulls 50 inches or larger.  We run a very high success on this type of bull and encourage our hunters not to shoot anything less.  We are always concerned about trophy management and are looking to harvest mature Canadian bulls.  Every year we harvest a number of bulls grossing over the 195 B+C minimum and seeing that 200 mark broken is not a rare occurrence.  These are top notch Canadian Moose Hunts not only in British Columbia but in all of Canada.




Combination Options Available

Elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer, and black bear, mountain goat



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